Top Gear Series 01
2003Top Gear Series 02
Top Gear Series 03
Brainiac: Science Abuse Series 1
2004Books for Boys: A Mission Impossible?
Top Gear Series 04
Brainiac: Science Abuse Series 2
Should I Worry About…? Series 1
Top Gear Series 05
2005Time Commanders Series 2
Top Gear Series 06
Should I Worry About…? Series 2
Brainiac: Science Abuse Series 3
Inside Britain’s Fattest Man
The Gunpowder Plot: Exploding the Legend
Top Gear Series 07
20065 O’Clock Show
Top Gear: Winter Olympics
Top Gear Series 08
Richard Hammond and the Holy Grail
Brainiac: Science Abuse Series 4
Battle of the Geeks
2007Top Gear Series 09
Last Man Standing (as Narrator)
Helicopter Heroes Series 1
Top Gear Series 10
Top Gear: Interactive Challenge (DVD)
Richard Hammond Meets Evel Knievel
2008Top Gear Series 11
Engineering Connections Series 1
Top Gear Series 12
Top Gear: Stunt Challenge (DVD)
2009Blast Lab Series 1
Total Wipeout Series 1
Blast Lab Series 2
Top Gear Series 13
Total Wipeout Series 2
Engineering Connections Series 2
Top Gear Series 14
Top Gear: Uncovered (DVD)
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Total Wipeout Series 3
Richard Hammond’s Invisible Worlds
Hammond Meets Moss
Top Gear Series 15
Blast Lab Series 3
Top Gear: Apocalypse (DVD)
2011Total Wipeout Seris 4
Top Gear Series 16
Richard Hammond’s Tech Head
Engineering Connections Series 3
Top Gear Series 17
Richard Hammond’s Journey to…
Top Gear: At The Movies (DVD)
Winter Wipeout
2012Top Gear Series 18
Engineering Connections Series 4
Richard Hammond’s Crash Course Series 1
Richard Hammond’s Crash Course Series 2
Top Gear: 50 Years of Bond Cars
Planet Earth Live
Richard Hammond’s Miracles of Nature
2013Richard Hammond’s Secret Service
Top Gear Series 19
Top Gear Series 20
How to Build a Planet
Top Gear: The Perfect Road Trip 1 (DVD)
2014Top Gear Series 21
Science of Stupid Series 1
Top Gear: The Perfect Road Trip 2 (DVD)
Wild Weather with Richard Hammond
2015Top Gear Series 22
Science of Stupid Series 2
Richard Hammond’s Jungle Quest
2016The Grand Tour Season 1
2017The Grand Tour Season 2
2019The Grand Tour Season 3
The Grand Tour Presents: Seamen
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Richard Hammond’s Big!
The Grand Tour Presents: A Massive Hunt
2021The Great Escapists
The Grand Tour Presents: Lochdown
Richard Hammond’s Workshop
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